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SmartArrester 20 Z



SmartArrester i20 is intended for overhead power lines (up to 24 kV) protection operating voltage with bare and covered conductors against induced lightning overvoltages and their deleterious consequences.
SmartArrester is designed for outdoor operation at ambient temperatures ranging from -60ºC to +40ºС.


Principle of operation

Main component of the arrester is the EasyQuench system consisting of a silicon rubber body with certain number of steel electrodes and non-metal reinforcing rod inside, terminal electrode, and installation unit for mounting at an insulator’s pin or а cross-arm.





Voltage rate, kV


Number of MCS gas-quenching chambers


Pulse 50% discharge voltage, kV, at most

                         Positive polarity

                         Negative polarity




Number of pulse withstands under 500kV  voltage pulse and arrester discharges, at least


Number of pulse withstands under 2000kV/ms voltage rise and arrester discharges, at least


Fundamental frequency withstand voltage, at least, kV

                       In dry conditions

                       In the rain




Pulse multiple current withstand (10 impacts) 4¤10 µs, at least , kA


Weight, kg


Lifetime, at least, years


EasyQuench Technology

EasyQuench Technology utilized in our SmartArrester ensures quenching of lightning caused impulse arc almost immediately preventing occurrence of power frequency arc. That is achieved by dividing large impulse arc in a number of small arcs arising inside tiny discharge chambers and immediately blown out by fast growing pressure and destroyed after mixing with cold air. 

Chambers are formed by series of steel electrodes in silicone body altogether called EasyQuench system.

Easy to install

  • Thanks to its EasyQuench Technology device is grounding wireless when use with concrete reinforced poles and metal cross arms.
  • Device can be fast mounted and easily adjusted on any line and insulator configuration.
  • Live-line installation is possible using special equipment.


Works in Tough Conditions

  • Works without grounding wire.
  • Works in high lightning density areas with longer life compare to conventional solutions.
  • Vandal-proof.


High Reliability and life span

  • Thanks to its external energy release system, EasyQuench Technology can endure direct lightning strikes without damages to the device.
  • In-line gap prevents from long-term electrical stresses and short circuits on fault of the device.